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Blacksmithing - Camp Cookware

Blacksmithing is a heritage skill that has existed for millennia, and now it's your chance to learn how to work the "black metals" (iron and steel).

Learn to work metal with hammer and forge, and make a complete camp cooking set. No propane. No power tools. No experience required. We'll show you all of our tricks and tips to set up your own forge and start working. Whether you plan to build a forge in the backwoods or in your own backyard, you'll be amazed at the minimal amount of gear it takes to start smithing, and you'll love our "dirt cheap" method of building a forge.

Each of our blacksmithing classes will cover the basics of safety and smithing, and make a different knife style, plus several other items. The subjects of this class include:

• Forge safety
• Building your own forge
• Sourcing abundant local fuels and their suitability to different tasks
• Hammer techniques (you won't believe all you can do with just a hammer!)
• Sourcing safe metal (some scrap metal gives off deadly fumes)
• Shaping and forming a small chain, and assembling a cooking tripod
• Working steel into useful camp items ("S" hooks and "C" hooks to hang pots)
• Making your own skinning knife (with integrated "hoop" handle)
• Decorative embellishments, to make your work really stand out

The Saturday December 5th 2020 class is now FULL. Please look for it again in 2021.

Two quick notes for students:
1) Space is limited to 8 students per class, so claim your spot now!
2) Due to material costs and start-up cost for this class, we cannot accept BOGO credits for Blacksmithing classes at this time. Sorry.


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