Welcome to the Earth Connection home page

Thank you for looking up Earth Connection, a business founded in the spring of 1997 by me, Tim MacWelch.

But what IS the "Earth Connection" business? That vague name could equally apply to a satellite internet provider or a lawn care company.  

My version of Earth Connection has always been a wilderness survival and primitive living skills school based in Virginia, USA. 

But recognizing that names are important in the business world, I began using the brand name of Advanced Survival Training in 2011. Since then, adult and youth classes have continued under both brands, until it really only made sense to "pick a lane."

As most of my acclaimed (and even bestselling) survival manuals and self-reliance books give the URL for Advanced Survival Training (and since that name better describes what we do), the choice was clear. 

I invite you to visit www.AdvancedSurvivalTraining.com to see the latest class listings and course schedule. Please check out my Instagram as well - @advancedsurvivaltraining

See you there!

Tim MacWelch