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Welcome to The Earth Connection School of Primitive Living Skills

Have you heard the call of your ancestors?

They are crying out to us, and telling us that we have lost our way.

As we sit in our homes, vehicles and office cubicles, we have become dependent on modern technology and we have forgotten the ways of the wilderness. We have neglected our intimate knowledge of nature and disregarded the skills of self-reliance.

Generation by generation - these birthrights have been lost or stolen.

Aren't you ready to take your birthright back?

For most of you, it has been difficult to find a place where you can learn the skills that the native peoples naturally knew. Television shows and movies can only whet your appetite for the real thing.

Deep down, you know you want to reconnect with nature - and here's your golden opportunity!

You just found a school where it's easy to learn the skills of the wild in our beginner friendly classes.

The Earth Connection School has been in continuous operation since 1997, and there you will learn hands-on lessons from a nationally reknowned instructor.

Learn From An Instructor with Experience

The Earth Connection School is founded and operated by Tim MacWelch. The first classes began 20 years ago, and the school has run continuously ever since. Tim has been featured on several National Geographic programs, Good Morning America and many national and local news & radio venues. Tim is also a prolific writer for Outdoor Life Magazine and OFFGRID Magazine. When Outdoor Life wanted to write a series of books about survival, they came to Tim, who has authored two New York Times Best Selling books, Prepare For Anything and the Hunting & Gathering Survival Manual. Since the release of those titles, Tim has written two more books for Outdoor Life, How To Survive Anything and the Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook. 

Enjoy The Best Curriculum In The Industry

For TWO DECADES the Earth Connection School has taught a wide variety of hands-on classes, including friction fire making, wild edible plants, tracking, basketry, primitive tool making, hide tanning, wilderness survival, primitive cooking and many more subjects! Why go to instructors who have only a little experience when you could go to the authority on the subject?

Check our Courses Page for detailed course descriptions which explain our class content.

The 2017 Class Schedule

Check out the Schedule Page for our complete 2017 class schedule
and check out the 4 NEW classes have just been added!

1. Gain lifesaving medical skills from a paramedic in our Wilderness First Aid course - Sept 9th
2. Learn Blacksmithing as you craft your own camp cookwear (right before Thanksgiving) - Nov 18th
3. Get ready for your Bushcraft class by Blacksmithing your own bushcraft gear - Dec 3rd
4. And put hammer to anvil to learn Blacksmithing (and how to make your own tools) - Dec 30th



School founder and instructor Tim MacWelch is on Twitter - follow him @timmacwelch

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