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Welcome to The Earth Connection School of wilderness survival

Do you want to go wild?

Deep down every person wants to reconnect with nature.  Every person feels the absence of their birthright - to see and understand the ways of their ancestors, and to eat the fruit of the forest and field.

Television shows and movies can only whet your appetite for the real thing.  For most of you, it has been difficult to find a place where you can learn the skills that the native peoples naturally knew.

Survival skills -
Heritage trades -
Primitive living -
Paleo diet and foraging -
Tracking and trapping -
It's all here under one roof.

And while you may expect wilderness classes to be difficult and grueling - don't worry, it's easy to learn the skills of the wild in our beginner friendly classes, filled with hands-on lessons from a professional instructor. 

The Earth Connection School has been in continuous operation since 1997

Experience Matters

Tim MacWelch founded The Earth Connection School 18 years ago, and the school has run continuously ever since.  The Earth Connection School has grown to include a teaching presence at nationally renowned primitive skills events like Rivercane Rendezvous, Falling Leaves Rendezvous and Firefly Gathering.  Tim has been featured on 3 National Geographic programs, Good Morning America, and many national and local news & radio venues.  Tim is also a prolific writer for Outdoor Life Magazine and OFFGRID Magazine.

The Curriculum Matters

The Earth Connection School teaches a wide variety of hands-on classes, including Friction Fire Making, Wild Edible Plants, Tracking, Basketry, Primitive Tool Making, Hide Tanning, Wilderness Survival, Primitive Cooking and many more subjects!

Check our courses page for detailed course descriptions which explain our class content.

The 2015 Class schedule

Check out the Schedule Page for all the details of the Earth Connection 2015 class schedule.

Contact Information

Telephone: 540-270-2531
Postal address: PO Box 32 Somerville VA 22739
Travel Directions: Directions to our various class locations are given out after enrollment in that class. 


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Contact Information
Telephone: 540-270-2531
Mailing Address: PO Box 32 Somerville VA 22739
Travel Directions: Directions to our locations are given out AFTER registration in a class.  There are no travel directions posted on this website.