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Bushcraft 2-Day

In short, bushcraft isn't just about avoiding death in the wilderness, it's about going into the wild to really live. Bushcraft is the art of thriving in your native environment - the great outdoors.

In this exciting new class, you'll:

Learn to build long term wilderness shelters
Discover the secrets of Flint & Steel fire making
Learn methods of lighting your camp with simple materials
Taste-test bush cooking techniques and gain the experience to do them yourself
Take a hike to study and collect edible, medicinal and useful plants
Test your skills - learn to tie useful knots and lashings
And so much more!

This class is a 2 day format, immersing you fully in the realm of bushcraft. You'll stay over in a woodland shelter (or you can bring a tent), and you'll enjoy two days packed with hands-on skills.
Day one of the class is also avaible by itself as the Bushcraft Crash Course, and day two is available as a single day class Bushcraft Forage and Feast

This class will run again on March 9-10 and October 26-27, 2019.

Prepare yourself to take full advantage of your class, read your head instructor's book on bushcraft!

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