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Modern Survival Crash Course

One day class.

9 am to 4 pm

Modern survival skills are much easier and faster than low tech survival, especially when you have the right gear. But what are the right life-saving modern tools and equipment to carry? And how do they work?

Join our Modern Survival Crash Course , and professional survival instructor Tim MacWelch will show you what to take into the woods and how to use that gear to your best advantage. This action packed course will coach you through the best modern wilderness skills and practices for any type of survival situation. Topics of instruction will include: The Priorities of survival; What to put in a survival kit; Fire making strategies with numerous devices, including spark rods, magnesium, optics, electricity and more; Modern water purification techniques and supplies; Easy ways to signal for help; and how to build shelters from tarps, ropes and other modern materials.

Take this course and you'll also get a copy of our survival manual to take home for further study. No experience is necessary to join our crash course. With this carefully built curriculum, you can build your foundation for survival in just one day. You can become a survivor.

This is the core curriculum of the first day of our very popular 2-day Wilderness Survival class, and it is now available by itself as the Modern Survival Crash Course.

And like its sister course, the Primitive Survival Crash Course, you can build your foundation for survival in just one day.

Held near Stafford, VA. The course tuition is $127 per person.

This course will run again Thursday April 25, Saturday June 1 and Thursday August 8, 2019.


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