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Primitive Survival Crash Course

One day class.

9 am to 4 pm

So you want to learn how to survive in the woods, with only the clothes on your back and a knife? Then jump into our Primitive Survival Crash Course and gain the foundational skills to ensure your survival, using only the materials that the wilderness provides.

Spend a day of hands-on learning with professional survival instructor, Tim MacWelch, in this fast-paced class which covers crucial skills to ensure your safety and well-being in virtually any survival situation. The skills and subjects of this class include: Assessing the Priorities and Mentality of Survival; How to build a Leaf Hut Shelter with your bare hands, no tools or ropes required; creating Friction Fire by literally “rubbing two sticksâ€ï¿½ with the Bow and Drill method; How to get safe drinking water with low tech methods; an introduction to Primitive Tool and Rope making; and how to Signal for help.

This is the core curriculum of the first day of our very popular 3-day Primitive Skills class, and it is now available by itself as the Primitive Survival Crash Course.

As a bonus for taking this course, you'll receive a copy of our information packed primitive survival manual to take home with you. Gain the skills to live off the land, and provide yourself with the ultimate back-up plan for survival. And now for the best parts - this class is beginner friendly, and you can learn all these skills in just one day.

Held near Stafford, Va. Course tuition $127

This course will run again on Monday April 22, Monday August 5 and Saturday November 9, 2019.

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