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Class Locations:

Most classes are held at our private training facility in Northern Virginia. This site is in the forests on the northern edge of Quantico Marine Base, west of Garrisonville, south of Warrenton, east of Hartwood. Detailed directions are provided upon enrollment. The Backcountry Crash Courses and some Edible Plant classes (as well as free hikes) will take place at Sky Meadows State Park near Delaplane, Va.


Fieldcraft Friday Classes (Discounted rate for first or second Friday of each month) - $97
One-Day Regular Classes - $127
One-Day Specialty Classes - $187
Two-Day Classes - $267
Three-Day Classes - $397
Five-Day Classes - $697

2021 Class Schedule

Updated 9/1/2021

September 11-12 - Backcountry Crash Course (Sky Meadows State Park) - $187

October 8 - Fall Wild Edible Plants (Friday overflow date) - $127
October 9 - Fall Wild Edible Plants - CLASS FULL
October 10 - Primitive Cooking - CLASS FULL

November 6 - Fall Wild Edible Plants (Sky Meadows State Park) - $127
November 13-15 - Primitive Skills 3-day - $397
November 13-14 - Primitive Skills 2-day - $267
November 13 - Primitive Survival Crash Course - $127
November 14 - Primitive Traps and Weapons - $127

December 3 - Winter Tree and Plant ID (Fieldcraft Friday special rate) - $97
December 4 - Blacksmithing - Tomahawks and Trail Gear - CLASS FULL

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