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Ultimate Survival Week

Five day course.

9 am on Monday until 4 pm Friday

This very popular class is a combination of our 3 day Primitive Skills course and our Wilderness Survival 2 day course. For those who cannot make it to the whole week, there is the option to take just the Primitive Skills portion or Wilderness Survival portion of the week. But we highly recommend that you take the whole week to get the full spectrum of modern and primitive survival skills. In the Primitive Skills portion, Students will learn how to build a leaf hut shelter, without tools or cord; how to collect and prepare tinder and kindling; how to do friction fire making with the bow drill; primitive tool making; primitive water gathering and purification; four primitive traps unique to this course; and how to make a rabbit hunting stick. Edible plants, primitive cooking, food preservation and storage, wicker basketry from vines, plant and tree bark string, and burning out wooden bowls and spoons will also be covered. This course is designed to provide skills for living primitively in the wilderness; and this course is a student and staff favorite. The Wilderness Survival section is designed to instruct students in a wide variety of year-round life saving wilderness survival skills using the latest modern gear and the best historic outdoor skills. Students of this course will learn the priorities of survival, how not to get lost in the first place, how to signal for rescue, and what to put in survival kits. Skills will include building and camping out in one of the many tarp shelters to be covered; collecting and purifying water with several modern methods; and the basics of making and utilizing fire including batteries, magnifying lens, waterproofing matches and tinder. Food gathering instruction will include collecting and preparing nutritious edible plants, four different traps unique to this course and survival fishing. How to sharpen a knife with a stone, knots and string making will also be covered.

Held near Stafford, Va - Course tuition $697

This course will run again April 22-26 and August 5-9, 2019.

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