Course Information

Primitive Skills

Three day class.

9 am on the first day until 4 pm on the third day

The first class we ever ran in 1997 was a 3 day Primitive Skills class. It is nearest and dearest to our hearts and the class is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to have the skills to dwell in the wild as a native, whether by accident or by choice.

The Primitive Skills course teaches valuable wilderness survival skills using the stone age technologies that were common to of all of our ancestors. Students will learn how to build a leaf hut shelter, without tools or cord; how to collect and prepare tinder and kindling; how to do friction fire making with the bow drill; primitive tool making; primitive water gathering and purification; four primitive traps unique to this course; and how to make a rabbit hunting stick. Edible plants, primitive cooking, food preservation and storage, wicker basketry from vines, plant and tree bark string, and burning out wooden bowls will also be covered. This course is designed to provide skills for living primitively in the wilderness; and this course is a student and staff favorite.

Course tuition $397

This course will run on November 14-16, 2020.

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