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Total Trapping

One day class.

9 am to 4 pm

This is a very serious class for one sole purpose, bringing home animal food. We have been offering this class since 2004.

Earth Connection's Total Trapping class will teach you how to put your hard earned tracking skills to task by constructing simple traps to secure wild animals for food. Trapping is probably the most efficient way to gather food in a survival situation as they conserve your energy and hunt for you while you rest or work on other survival tasks. Students will learn the basic principles behind traps and how to construct them focusing on the more familiar (and using less cordage) deadfalls and snares including the figure-four, Paiute deadfall, wire snare, and their variations. In addition, more complicated trapping methods using kinetic engines (and much more cordage) will be demonstrated including many variations of the toggle stick and spring pole traps. We will cover sign tracking as it applies to trap location, baiting and trap camouflage. We will also look into simple fish traps to add more variety to your primitive diet.

This class harms NO animals and all local trapping laws are adhered to.

2018 dates include November 2nd held near Stafford, Va - discounted course tuition, only $97

This class will run again on Friday November 1, 2019.


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