Course Information

Friction Fire Making

One day class.

9 am to 4 pm

This is an energetic entry level class for people who have always wanted to make fire by rubbing two sticks together. We have been offering this class since we began teaching in 1997.

This course will focus on the Bow Drill and Hand Drill methods of friction fire making and how to easily start a fire. Fire safety, tinder, fire wood selection, and setting up a primitive fireplace will be covered in addition to some of the history and physics of friction fire making. Proper construction and use of the fire making equipment will be emphasized during the course. Students will construct fire making sets which will be theirs to keep from a variety of materials provided by us. Our one day Friction Fire Making course teaches the Hand Drill friction fire making method because it is the easiest fire kit to make, and this method had the widest use through prehistory and world cultures. The Bow Drill is also taught in this course because it is the easiest method for beginners to make friction fire.

The Friday October 2, 2020 class has been CANCELLED. Please look fot this course again in 2021. 

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