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Wild Brew

One day class.

9 am to 4 pm

Since ancient times, our ancestors have combined delicious natural ingredients collected from the wild to create unique and lively alcoholic beverages. There's no better way to learn these skills for yourself, than to join foraging, home brew and heritage skills instructor, Tim MacWelch.

In this one day brewing class, you'll spend the day outdoors, collecting wild brewing ingredients; learning the basics of fermentation and home brewing; and crafting wild wine, honey mead, ale and soda pop by brewing over an open fire. Materials will be provided by your instructor, and supplemented by wild ingredients that we will gather during the course. You'll even get a detailed wild brewing manual to take home with you.

If you love adult beverages and want to learn to make the most unique brews on the planet, then let us teach you how to brew - and use wild ingredients for flavor. Students 21 and older, please.

Course cancelled for July 12, 20200. Please look for this again.

The class will be held near Stafford, Va - Course tuition $127

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